Summary Info

cogito pdm was established in April 1998 in view of the external consultancy requirements of German and international financing and Development Cooperation organizations in connection with the preparation, implementation and evaluation of different types of projects. With commencement of consultancy services to German companies on business development and financial management in 2002 cogito pdm also started working in a purely commercial environment.


The emphasis of our activities in Turkey stems from the long-lasting Turkey-specific professional experience of the company founder and the numerous consultancy assignments of different nature in Turkey since 1998. Especially regarding municipal infrastructure - specifically the financing and implementation of water supply, wastewater and solid waste management projects including capacity building with the organizations responsible for services delivery (municipal water and sewerage departments and solid waste management unions) - we have been able to accumulate very detailed Turkey-specific know-how.


Working in Turkey over many years has made us well familiar with the Turkish economy, administration and political developments. Furthermore, over the years we have been able to establish excellent contacts to ministries, sector organizations, banks, municipalities, private sector companies and other consultancies.


Our very good knowledge on the policies and operation methods of international financing institutions and donors, together with our international project experience from more than 50 assignments in 25 countries worldwide enable us to deliver very pragmatic and results-oriented consultancy and support services.


Concerning tasks e.g. assessment of the financial feasibility of projects via financial analyses or cost-benefit analyses, consultancy on pricing or cost-recovery tariff structures, consultancy on the establishment or strengthening the institutional capacity of organizations, consultancy on the organization of services, consultancy on project financing, the identification of projects in view of international funding or project evaluation, in cogito pdm you will find a competent and reliable partner. 



Our vision is to continue expanding and become a well recognized supplier of investment-related financial and institutional consultancy services in Turkey and on an international scale.


Our mission is professionalism and dedication to the consultancy assignments we are entrusted with based on a thorough understanding of the subject and meeting the expectations of our clients without limitations.