Project Management

Delivering consultancy services in the frame of Development Cooperation over many years with very different types of tasks needing to be accomplished enables us to offer consultancy and support related to all aspects of the project cycle.

For financing institutions projects under Development Cooperation have to be creditworthy and bankable to merit being followed-up on in view of funding. Important criteria to assess the creditworthiness are

  • 'is there a clear need for the project', or
  • 'by taking the legal and other frame conditions of the beneficiary county into account, can we expect that the aim of the project can be met',

while criteria to assess the bankability are e.g:

  • 'based on the stage of project preparations can it be expected that the project can be implemented in a speedy and smooth manner, i.e. without interruptions',
  • 'are the institutional responsibilities for project implementation (i.e. a Project Execution Agency/PEA) clearly defined, and does the PEA have the capacity to successfully implement the project', or in the case of loan funding
  • 'is the Central Govenment willing to guarantee loan repayment (sovereign guarantee)'.


Our familiarity with these issues allows us to offer effective and results-oriented consultancy services especially in view of the identification and preparation of projects. The Project Cycle, however, comprises numerous other individual aspects which, based on our project experiences, we can deliver highly qualified consultancy services on. 


Examples of possible services related to the different phases of the project cycle are listed below. By clicking on the files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif link a reference related to the respective consultancy type will be shown.



Planning and Identification

  • Conceptual consultancy, e.g. regarding development strategies for specific sectors of the economy files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Project needs assessments and project identification files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Pre-feasibility studies and investment studies files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif



  • Concept studies and Feasibility studies files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Negotiations with national authorities on specific aspects of project implementation on behalf of the funding organizations files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif


  • Project appraisals with all issues needing to be covered (e.g. needs assessment, PEA analysis, project costs estimation, financial and economic analysis, risks analysis, financing proposal) files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif


  • Project Management on behalf of the funding organization: Preparation and implementation of tenders (elaboration of ToR, evaluation of offers and proposal for contract award), contractors' and consultants' performance monitoring, financial project management, project progress reporting) files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif


  • Tariff studies and recommendations to ensure sustainable operations files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Control of funds utilization, e.g. in the case of revolving capital funds files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif


  • Ex-post evaluation of projects and programmes in view of criteria e.g. efficiency, effectiveness, impact, relevance and sustainability files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif