In Turkey, as an international management consulting we avail of unrivalled experience in consultancy and support to international financing institutions, local governments and other public sector oganizations on financial and institutional issues in connection with the preparation and implementation of municipal sanitation infrastructure projects, including capacity building. In this context we have been involved in a multitude of project identification studies, feasibility studies and project appraisals and have implemented training and capacity building measures for municipal water departments, municipal services unions or other national organizations e.g. State Planning Organization and Bank of Provinces (Iller Bank). Consultancy related to wind energy projects has emerged as a new field in recent years.


The map below shows the Turkish provinces in which cogito-pdm has been active in different forms since 1998. Close to 30 assignments of different nature, 19 of which related to the Water and Sanitation Sector, have enabled us to attain excellent knowledge on the development and bottlenecks to development of this sector and to offer highly specialized consultancy services in this respect.



Map of Projects