Financial Services

Regarding consultancy related to the Financial Services sector we have a very broad services range including conceptual consultancy, practical consultancy and support and consultancy and support related to project administration. Our conceptual consultancy can be related e.g. to the design of credit lines for promoting specific economic sectors or target groups or to the identification of appropriate financing instruments per se (financial sector studies). Practical consultancy and support can be related e.g. to the establishment and institutional setup of financial sector institutions, training of bank staff on specific issues or consultancy to SME regarding access to credit. The consultancy and support related to project administration can be e.g. evaluation of credit lines extended by international financing institutions in view of their envisaged aims. Accordingly, our services are directed at three different levels: the national level, the level of the enterprises and the level of the refinancing institution.

Our sector-specific services can be e.g:

  • Financial Sector and SME studies (analysis of the constraints to the development of specific sectors and proposal of measures and instruments to overcome these constraints)
  • Consultancy related to the establishment of SME development banks (by-laws, institutional setup, business plan, lending policies and guidelines, establishment of initial credit lines)
  • Training of bank staff on specific issues (e.g. financial analyses, assesment of lending risks, risk mitigation measures, collateral-related issues)
  • Consultancy to SME on access to credit and the preparation of bankable project documentation
  • Evaluation of credit lines in view of the performance of the lending institution and of the borrowers