Our services in the Energy Sector in recent years have focussed on the financial feasibility of planned windfarm projects, specifically in Turkey. In this context we have developed a financial model which takes account of all cost-data relevant for Turkey (e.g. license fees) and with which all important financial performance indicators can quickly be calculated. The model allows the simple and quick entry of all relevant data of up to six project alternatives and comparison of their respective results.

Features of the model are e.g:

  • Entry of all important turbine-specific data (capacity, energy production, availability) for up to six turbine alternatives
  • Entry of all relevant cost items (investment, operations and maintenance costs) and of the feed-in tariff with full flexibility regarding changes of costs and the feed-in tariff during the project planning horizon
  • Entry of all costs according to the project phases (development / implementation) with differentiation between tubine-specific and turbine-unspecific costs
  • Cost-phasing up to four years
  • Automatic calculation of license fees for each turbine alternative
  • Financing from up to four different sources: equity plus three external sources
  • Full flexibility regarding entry of terms and conditions of loans
  • Entry of project financing from up to four different sources: equity plus three external financing sources
  • Entry of different loan types (annuity loan / amortisable loan)
  • Full flexibility regarding terms and conditions of the external financing sources (maturity, repayment-free years, interest, committment fee, handling fee, credit insurance fee, possibility of capitalization of cost items incurring during repayment-free years)

Outputs of the model are all relevant financial performance indicators (e.g. costs per kWh, dynamic unit costs, internal rate of return, return on equity and return on total investments, debt-service coverage ratio) which can be compared in tables and graphs according to the different turbine alternatives. Furthermore, all financial reports required by banks for taking a financing decision are automatically generated (income statement, cash flow, sources & application of funds, balance sheet).