Capacity Building

The business area 'Capacity Building' refers to consultancy and support services delivered to public sector organizations and PEAs. Our Private Sector-related services are presented in the page 'Business Development'.


Making available favourable financing conditions in itself frequently does not suffice to reach the desired development goals in certain sectors. Quite often it is rather the institutional weaknesses of the respective PEAs, possibly in combination with insufficient legal frame conditions, which are the causes of the development constraints. In such cases capacity building measures - somtimes implemented in parallel to the investments - are necessary to strengthen the institutional capacity of the respective PEAs or organizations.


Institutional and organizational consultancy, training and support to the staff of PEAs and Public Sector organizations in view of improved work procedures, efficient services delivery or enhanced methodological know-how constitute an important part of our services. Based on our comprehensive project and consulting experiences we can provide competent consultancy and support specifically in the Sanitation Infrastructure Sector. Issues e.g. the establishment of municipal services unions, the creation of autonomous or semi-autonomous municipal service departments in view of cost-transparency, the elaboration of cost-covering and affordable tariff structures play an important role in this respect.


Further examples of possible consulting services are listed below. By clicking on the files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif link a reference related to the specific subject is shown.

Institutional Fields

  • Establishment of by-laws and/or business plans files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Human resources needs assessments including job descriptions and support in staff recruitment files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Development of functional organization structures files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Customer relations and marketing files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif

Operational Fields

  • Organization of services delivery, subcontracting, outsourcing or services on own account files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Tendering of service contracts: terms of reference, draft contracts, tender evaluation and contract award files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Contractors' performance monitoring files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif

Financial Fields

  • Cost-accounting and policies regarding user charges and pricing of services
  • Improvement of billing and collection files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Adapting of accounting procedures to newly issued laws and regulations, e.g. transition from public service accounting to commercial accounting with public sector organizations files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif
  • Financial management and reporting files/cogito_template/projektlink.gif