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Water and
Sanitation /
Feasibility study for the "Mediterranean Hot Spot Investment Programme (MEHSIP)": The programme envisages funding of investments related to the major point sources of pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Tasks included review of the National Investment Plans of the different countries related to environmental investments, screening of investments related to their suitability for inclusion in the programme, project cost estimations, assessment of institutional capacity of potential PEAs for project implementation, establishment of a longlist and shortlist of projects deemed suitable for funding, assesment of the need for TA and preparation of the ToR for a TA consultant (see also Asia References) EIB / MWH SA

Kenya Water and
Sanitation /
Elaboration of a concept for anchoring the Kenian Sector Investment Planning process (SIP) at the regional level in the frame of the TA Project "Reform of the Kenian Water Sector". The concept envisages harmonization of sector investment planning ob the Central Government level and on the level of the regional Water Supply Boards (WSB). Task included also the preparation of ToR for further TA in connection with the above mentioned project. GtZ Ltd.
2007 Uganda Water and
Sanitation /
Review of the TA programme "Reform of the Urban Water Sector of Uganda (RUWAS)": Tasks included review of achievement of the programme goals and results, assessment of the need to launch a new phase of the programme with fields to be adressed, expert-input, cost estimation for the new phase and preparation of the Draft Programme Appraisal Report GtZ Ltd.
Egypt Financial Services Ex-post review of the project "PBDAC/BDAC Canal Zone & Sinai (BCS), Ismailia": The project was related to a line of credit to the Central Bank for refinancing loans of the PDBAC extended to rural banks for financing agricultural development in Egypt. Tasks included assessment of the lending performance and loan portfolio of the PBDAC and various rural banks, assessment of the contribution of the credit line to developing the agricultural sector, control of funds utilization, assessment of the future refinancing needs of the PBDAC, preparation of the Draft Ex-post Review Report KfW-
Benin Financial Services Feasibility study on the possibilities to promote SME and
micro-enterprise development in Benin via the financial sector. Tasks included analysis of the bottlenecks to development and assessment of the capacity of the financial sector to satisfy the financing requirements of SME and micro-enterprises, assessment of the portfolio quality of financial institutions, proposals for strengthening the financial sector via credit lines or other financing mechanisms or institutions, assessment of the need for TA